Emerald Princess

On Saturday, August 22, 2015, those in attendance age 18 and older can go on the Emerald Princess Casino cruise.  Below are some details that you will need to know to participate.

  • The cruise is from 6 pm until 1 am.  We must be on the boat by 5:30 pm in order to board.
  • You must be signed up on the registration form using your name from your driver's license or government id.
  • There will be transportation to and from the cruise available.  The bus will leave from the host hotel at 5:15.
  • The cost of the cruise is FREE!  The cost of the transportation to and from the cruise is $10 per person round trip.
  • Babysitting will be available.  Please indicate if you will be needing babysitting on the registration form.  More information is available on the babysitting page.  This is only available to the first 15 registered children.
  • You will be provided a meal on the way out and a snack on the way back in.  The meals and snacks vary however, most recently we were served pepperoni pizza, beef pizza, hamburgers, chicken philly, salad, cole slaw, three been salad, fruit cocktail, and cookies as the meal on the way out and a bbq sandwich with chips on the way back in.  Sodas, water, and coffee are provided.
  • Alcoholic beverages are available at the following prices:
    Domestic beer    $3.25
    Import beer         $4.25
    Well drink          $4.25
    Call drink           $5.25
    Premium drink   $6.25
    Glass of wine     $4.25
    Specialty prices vary

  • No cut off shorts or beachwear, tank tops, bikini tops, or flip flops are permitted.  It gets cool on the ship so you may want to bring something with long sleeves.
  • There may possibly be a band playing and a small dance floor is available.
  • NO WEAPONS including guns, knives, pepper spray, etc are allowed on the ship.  There are safes in the hotel rooms to lock up your weapons before boarding the bus to the ship.
  • There are a variety of games available.  Craps($5/$300 double odds), Roulette ($5 minimum), slots ($.01-$5.00), Blackjack ($5-$500), Stud poker ($5/$200), and Texas Hold 'em ($125 buy in).
  • No credit or debit cards are accepted.  An ATM machine is available however the fee is $6 per transaction.  Cash only.

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